Frequently Asked Questions


Ekklesia360 Redesign Options

There are several paths that you can consider when redesigning on Ekklesia360.  No matter which option you choose, if you are already on Ekklesia360 then we can migrate your content to your new site automatically.  There is no need to move your sermons, pages, articles, blogs, etc... we can move all of this over for you from your old site to your new site.

Redesign paths:
  • Select a new E360 Theme: You can select any new E360 themes to update your site.  You can also choose any number of tailoring to your new E360 theme.  If you have been a client on Ekklesia360 for more than 2 years, there are significant discounts available for any e360 theme.  Contact Us for discount information on your account.
  • Bring your own custom design: Send us screenshots or the Photoshop files and we can provide an estimate to build your design.  In general, costs increase in proportion to the number custom layouts you want.
  • Let us custom-design your website: We can work with you to put together a fully custom design.